‘Way to development, steadiness’: Government officials vow Pakistan’s success in 2023

As the new year started on Sunday, President Arif Alvi, Top state leader Shehbaz Sharif and different lawmakers congratulated the country and petitioned God for the turn of events, progress and success of Pakistan.

In his message, the president said the country confronted different difficulties last year yet “defeated tough spots because of the difficult work, penance, assurance and versatility”.

“In the new year, as a country, we should define our boundaries accurately to conquer the difficulties confronting the country,” he added.He facilitated that Pakistan needs public fortitude, solidarity, discipline, determined difficult work, enthusiasm and devotion to making the nation prosperous, created, majority rule and stable.

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In his message, State leader Shehbaz Sharif trusted that the new year would end up being the time of finishing hunger, war, psychological oppression, wrongdoing, sectarianism and class division from the entire world, including Pakistan.

The chief likewise said that 2022 was “an extreme year for Pakistan”.

“The most awful flooding in history bothered our financial difficulties. My determination for the New Year is to utilize my energy and time to get individuals out of troubles, restore flood casualties and put Pakistan on the way to development and soundness,” the PM added.

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